When You built your gracious new home what is first thing that comes to your mind then structure of a building is almost complete or what is that first thing you check in a new apartment or floor when purchasing it? Yes, you are right, It is the Kitchen. A well-made kitchen matters the most in your house because it only places where things related to your health is prepared and sometimes you have a quick breakfast in the Kitchen itself. All these factors make it very important to a good looking and a well-finished Modular Kitchen because WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU FEEL”. Also, not just the looks of it but also the functionality of the Kitchen is also very important. Having the right thing at the right is place very important. At SAMRAT we give your best kitchen finishes to choose from. After that, we take the measurements and get things in perspective which 2D and 3D drawing. We allow our customers the flexibility to have his complete satisfaction with the design before getting it into the production. Once the design is finalized, then we manufacture the product with our ITALIAN machinery which gives best in class finishing to our products. Post-production we install the kitchen at your place with our experienced fitters and carpenters.

We work to make your life more enjoyable.

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