Designer Sofas from SAMRAT Interior are a perfect example of perfection attained by the company in upholstered furniture in last 40 years from inception. We Bring together cutting-edge Innovation and craftsmanship to build something beautiful and harmonious. You will find precision in the structure, smoothly working mechanism which makes every movement with dynamism and equilibrium. There are wide range of sofa designs present the showroom in Gurgaon and well-trained sales executive to help you find the sofa which fits your home the best. There are beautiful colours finishes, textures effects and some of the sofa also have embroidered work on them. Even if one can’t find the correct sofa for their living room then we can also do the bespoke designing with any additional designing cost. SAMRAT’s comfortable sofa are both epitome of standards and aesthetics, setting correct rage on exceptional quality.

We work to make your life more enjoyable.

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