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Summer’s Easy Elegance is All About Soft Hues

Most people confuse the tone of a household to be reflected only on the walls, but the reality cannot be farther from this. In fact, the best way to bring out the softness in your home is through home decor and upholsteries. If you visit the home decor stores in Gurgaon, you will spot stylish and elegant items in the softest of hues, suitable for all sorts of homes – traditional, contemporary or unconventional. But it can be confusing at first to decide what to pick for the summery elegance and what not to.

To Help You Out, Here We Offer Some Ideas About How You Can Infuse The Soft Hues Suited For The Warm Season In Your Home:

Target the Curtains

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The window upholsteries can be one of the best places to start. So you can pick uncommon shades like lime green, aqua blue, peach, light buttercup yellow or soft pinks from the curtain shops in Gurgaon. If you have faith in your laundry for blinds and curtains in Gurgaon, you might even go for white – classy and elegant beyond everything.

Cushions For Your Couches

blinds and curtains in Gurgaon

You cannot possibly be changing your sofas and couches depending on the season, but you can definitely do it with the cushion covers. When summer comes, to lighten up the colour scheme in your living room, you can skip the usual bright colours for shades of beiges, silvers, creams or other pastel shades.

Accent Furniture Pieces

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Furniture pieces are mostly loved in darker shades, preferably wooden or chocolate brown or black. But here our goal is different. You will find in the best furniture shops in Gurgaon stocked with statement furniture pieces in soft hues. It can be a sofa, a centre table, a chair and side table combination or even an exquisite floor lamp stand. The type does not matter much, as long as it stands out and its colour infuses a sense of pastel softness in the decor.

Exquisite Wall Decor

Wall decors are very much part of the overall interior decoration and neglecting them is a mistake. If you have an empty wall in your house to flaunt, especially in darker shade like dark maroon or cobalt, then a wall accent in a soft hue will look absolutely fascinating. It can be a wall cabinet, a hanging rack or a statement piece like Tibetan thangka or a wall poster. If the colour combination is right, it will look great on a wall with lighter shade as well.

Floor Rugs

The rug in living room or bedroom is by far not a new concept, but you can customise it to suit your purpose of adding soft hues to your home. But since it will be on the floor, pick the colour wisely – lavender, light brown, apricots – such shades are less prone to show dirt.

If you are planning to refurbish your home on this occasion, you might as well stick to the soft and soothing tones which will be a delight to sore eyes.