What to Keep in Mind When You are Opting for a Modular Kitchen?

Sep 03, 2020Samrat Interiors

Modular kitchen has become one of the most essential necessities in a household but the installation process requires the installers to be more vigilant. Do you know why? In order to make a modular kitchen well equipped and technologically advanced, that would go in accordance with the provisions, there need to be certain factors taken […]

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Top Up Your Bedroom Decoration With Modular Wardrobes

Aug 25, 2020Samrat Interiors

Our ideology is a culmination of our environment which is reflected through our action. Similarly what our idea of aesthetic is would be reflected in how we decorate our households. Aesthetic pleasure is very important as it not only provides one with the authority to channel their own views into realization but becomes a medium […]

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Interior Designing Trends for 2020 that will Truly Inspire You!

Jan 27, 2020Admin

2020 has a great ring to it. It definitely sounds like a good time to transform your living space. If you are looking for ideas and inspiration to create a mood board for your home interiors, we’ve got you covered. Here are some interesting interior design ideas are like to slay the home interiors arena […]

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Best Interior Designers in Gurgaon

The 8 Best Interior Designers in Gurgaon: Create the Perfect Interiors

Oct 31, 2019Admin

“ Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo Da Vinci A good interior designer can transform your idea of a perfect space into reality, in a simple yet sophisticated way. Here, in this guide, we list out the top 8 interior designers and decorators in Gurgaon. Check out the consultants on this list to find […]

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Tips & Tricks for Interior Designing a Small Apartment in Gurgaon

Oct 17, 2019Admin

Due to the high realty prices in Gurgaon, more people are plumping for smaller apartments. Interior décor in a rather small flat, however, maybe a tad complex. The inhabitants face the challenge of arranging their furniture strategically without cluttering the space. Most people feel restricted as there is not much room for experimentation in small […]

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Know where to Shop for the Best Furniture in Gurgaon

Know Where To Shop for the Best Furniture in Gurgaon

Oct 12, 2019Admin

Do you find yourself scouring through Pinterest looking for design inspiration? Or, have you bookmarked Insta posts with the hashtag #homegoals? You could spend hours on your online research for ideas to design or re-design your perfect home. But when it’s time to press the buy button, you may get jitters. Online shopping is fun. […]

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Comfortable Mattress in Gurgaon

The Only Guide You Need to Picking that Perfect Mattress that Takes you to Dreamland

Sep 23, 2019Admin

Losing sleep over choosing a new mattress? Check out this definitive mattress selection guide from Samrat Interiors, and sleep like a baby at night! Firstly, how do you know that you need a new mattress? How do you determine that it’s time to replace your current mattress? Here are some signs to look for: if […]

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Custom Furniture Shop in Gurgaon

Custom Furniture Shop in Gurgaon | Samrat Interiors

Sep 18, 2019Admin

Get the Best Customized Furniture in Gurgaon from Samrat Interiors You imagine it. We make it. Are you someone who wants something out of the ordinary? Are you searching high and low for the dream furniture for your dream home? Here, at Samrat Interiors, we are Gurgaon’s No.1 customized furniture store with an expert team […]

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Shopping Guide: Best Place to Sell and Buy Furniture in Gurgaon

Sep 12, 2019Admin

Best Places to Go Furniture Shopping in Gurgaon From budget to luxury, here are the best places to buy furniture in Gurgaon. If you are setting up your first home in Gurgaon, or are looking to give your home a trendy makeover – furniture plays a big role in your shopping list. From high-quality premium […]

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Frequently asked Question about Modular Wardrobe you should know

Aug 16, 2019Admin

Our customers and readers constantly ask us number of things regarding the wardrobes. Right from customized wardrobes to freestanding wardrobes (the readymade wardrobes that are off-the-shelf purchases) which do not provide you the choice of customizing. Though wardrobe not being the centrepiece of your room, wardrobes are a crucial component of your home furniture. And, […]

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